CSORV is a non-profit organization that aims to help society on diffrent levels: Healthcare and nutrition, economic and educational. Throughout our projects, we strive to support the society during this economic crisis, through assisting the young generations in improving their practical and technical skills. Moreover, we offer opportunities for students with outstanding educational performance to enroll in their dream universities abroad.

In fact, CSORV has implemented several projects all over Lebanon. The projects included many fileds, the most significant one is the establishment of Syrian refugees in north Lebanon, in addition to offering several types of educational courses and workshops (such as programming courses, online skills ,and soft skills) to help youth develop their skills and support them in pursuing their career. Regarding the healthcare and nutrition field,

CSORV has distributed thousands of food rations to people with limited income in Lebanon. Moreover, we carried out several health campaigns in the north areas and refugees’ camps.

Furthermore, CSORV works on promoting elderly people lifestyle. We’ve been doing so since we’ve launched our specialized program for the elderly, which includes luxurious housing, in addition to distinguished health care. To clarify, we are keen to provide a suitable environment for the elderly through healthy nutrition and healthcare services, and entertainment activities.